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Finding and Using Census Data: Infoshare

This guide will show you how to find Census data online. This is helpful for learning about your neighborhood. This guide includes videos.

Using Infoshare

You might also be interested in Infoshare, an alternative Census data interface (requires login from off-campus). It contains Census data from 1980-2010.

  1. Click the Area Profile tab.

    screenshot of home page of Infoshare

  2. Choose New York City

    screenshot of Area page of Infoshare

  3. Choose how you will find your neighborhood (Census Tract, Zip Code, Community District).

    screenshot of area type page of Infoshare

  4. Choose the borough and select the area you are researching.

    screenshot of borough select page of Infoshare

  5. Choose the Census information you want to use. 2010 Census is the most recent data available. 1980 Census is the oldest. ACS represents the American Community Survey, which is administered in-between Census years on a rolling basis.

    screenshot of Census year selection page of Infoshare

  6. Then, review the Census files available to you. You can toggle between files related to Persons (individuals), Households (people living under one roof), Families (people related to one another), and Housing (the home, not the people in the home). You can also toggle between Demographic, Socio-economic, and Health Information.

    Click the View Your Table button to see the report.

    screenshot of Census report selection page of Infoshare

  7. Once you have selected your file, click View table. You will be presented with your information. You can then print the information or download it as an Excel spreadsheet (under the File link), allowing you to manipulate and/or combine tables.

    screenshot of Census report as table

Here is how you cite information from Infoshare: APA style and MLA style.

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