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LRC103 Internet Research Strategies: Week 1

A course guide of the library's one credit course offered in fall 2014

Week 1

Week 1: Introduction and Internet History

Learning Outcomes:

  • Learn the internet history
  • Understand the differences between the internet and World Wide Web
  • Analyze how the World Wide Web impacts people’s lives



Naughton, John. "The Internet: Everything You Ever Need to Know." The Observer. Guardian News and Media, 20 June 2010. Web. 02 Sept. 2014. <>.



Introduction icebreaker: When entering the classroom, students will each take a piece of paper, a marker, and a piece of Starburst candy. Each student will make a nametag. Then, students will introduce themselves and, depending on the color of the piece of candy they have selected, they will answer the following questions:

  • Pink: What is one good or surprising thing that has recently happened to you?
  • Red: What is your favorite place on the Internet, or what website do you go to most often?
  • Orange: If someone Googled you, what is something surprising they might discover?
  • Yellow: What talent or skill do you spend the most time improving (example: sport, instrument, cooking)?


  • Markers
  • Starburst



Write about your personal experience in using the internet (200 words).

  • What do you benefit from the internet?
  • What frustration have you encountered?
  • If you could change one thing about the internet, what would it be?

You should create a new thread in the discussion and post your answer. The assignment is worth 50 points and grading will be based on the writing rubric in the Week 1 folder. The reason I set up the homework in this way is because I want you to see what other people write about and provide comments to each other. You will be surprised to know some interesting things. The homework is due on Sep 14, Sun, 11:59pm.

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