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LRC103 Internet Research Strategies: Week 6

A course guide of the library's one credit course offered in fall 2014

Week 6

Week 6: Information Integrity: Preventing Plagiarism and Citation Management

Learning Outcomes:

  • Awareness of CUNY & LAGCC Policies
  • Define plagiarism and understand how to avoid it
  • Ability to use Citation Management Tool, the library website, and Easy Bib to create or check citations




Lesson Plan:

  • (10 minutes) Students are asked to articulate the reasons for citations as well as the penalty for not doing so.
  • Google Doc discussion: Other than worrying about being punished, why do we cite?
  • On your index cards, write down:
    • What is the difference between cheating and plagiarism?
    • What are the penalties for plagiarism at LAGCC?
  • (5 minutes) Hand out LAGCC Academic Integrity booklet. Point out where the answers are.
    • Do you think the consequences are fair?
    • Were any of the descriptions surprising?
    • Does this say anything about WHY we avoid plagiarism?
  • (10 minutes) Talk about Scholarship as a Conversation: “Credit Where Credit is Due” video until 2:40:
  • (20 minutes) Galina’s citation activity
  • (10 minutes) Go over homework
  • (5 minutes) Meet in Midterm Groups

Midterm Project:

  • Assign Groups
    • Group 1: 
    • Group 2: 
    • Group 3: 
    • Group 4: 
  • Groups meet to decide which chat service to use
    • Google Chat/Hangout
    • Facebook Messenger
    • Skype Chat
    • Apple iMessage
  • Groups schedule a date and time to meet for one hour between Wednesday, 10/29 and Sunday, November 2.


  1. Using Google, Google Scholar, or a Library Database, find an article about plagiarism (other than the articles from our readings).
  2. Compare this article with one of the articles from this week's reading:  “Jonah Lehrer’s Journalistic Misdeeds at" by Charles Seife or “Plagiarism Lines Blur for Students in the Digital Age" by Gabriel Trip. You can:
    • summarize the examples given by the authors
    • talk about how the plagiarism examples are different or similar
    • talk about what you learned from the two different articles
  3. This assignment should be at least 200 words long, so be sure to choose a longer article. If you want to cite from the articles, you can do so briefly (less than 15 words), and with in-text citations.
  4. Using EasyBib or the Database tools, create perfect citations for both articles.
  5. Double check the citation using:
    • the library website,
    • the "Preventing Plagiarism" guide, or
    • the Purdue's Online Writing Lab.

Due by 11:59 pm on October 26.

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