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LRC103 Internet Research Strategies: Week 12

A course guide of the library's one credit course offered in fall 2014

Week 12

Week 12: User-Generated Content and Wikipedia

Learning Outcomes:

  • Understand where Wikipedia information comes from
  • Awareness of the issues surrounding Wikipedia, and the implications of its use
  • Define and analyze personal responsibilities as Internet Citizens




Write 3-4 sentences to answer each of the following questions:

  • Should Wikipedia remain a non-profit organization relying on user-generated content? Do you think this model works better than the traditional encyclopedia formats described by Daniel Pink in The Book Stops Here?
  • Should students be allowed to cite Wikipedia as a source for school assignments?
  • Both What's in a Category and The Book Stops Here discuss some of the political and philosophical issues that arise with crowd-sourced information creation.  What are some of these issues? 
  • DUE by 11:59 on December 7
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