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FYS Library Instruction: HSF090 Health Sciences FYS

This Guide will serve as a depositary for Class Assignments, Handouts, PPT presentations, and other materials that can be used by librarians during one-shot LI sessions and in for credit Library classes.

Learning Outcomes

During one hour Library session students will learn how to

  • find articles by using library databases (teaching two databases is recommended);
  • generate and read APA citation from a database.

Lesson Plan

HSF 090 - Health Sciences

Activity: “Cultural Competency” for your Field

Location: Computer Lab during Studio Hour


Learning Outcomes

Students will be introduced to the concept of library academic resources.

Students will learn the strengths and weaknesses of different forms of information.



Research is iterative and depends upon asking increasingly complex or new questions whose answers in turn develop additional questions or lines of inquiry in any field. Students will practice this iterative process by experimenting with the trial and error necessary in the research process as they repeat and refine their searches. They will be encouraged to explore the way cultural competence changes depending on their field or topic focus.

This session will give students the chance to develop integrative learning by connecting their prospective field with the professional literature. Choosing and reading an article from their field will also help them develop inquiry skills.



Core Competencies

Research as Inquiry

Inquiry & Problem Solving


Integrative Learning


Global Learning


I & PS, Integrative Learning


  1. [Prep Work] Before class, librarians should read this short blog article about cultural competence:

    ** Keep in mind that this session will take place during the Lab Hour, taught by a Student Success Mentor (SSM). It may be helpful to introduce yourself as a faculty member and librarian.**
  2. Start the session by watching this video together (5:00). Some HSF90 students will watch this video prior to the library session; if they have, skip to the next part:

  3. asking students to brainstorm the kind of topics that have to do with “cultural competence.” Then, ask students to define the phrase “peer-review.” (5 minutes)

    1. Based on student responses, use the following discussion questions:

  • Why would it be useful for your peer to check your work?

  • How do you think peer-review might change an article? What would make it different from an un-peer-reviewed article?

  • When do you think you need a peer-review article?  

  1. Ask students to search for peer-reviewed articles about cultural competency in CINAHL. (5 minutes)

  2. With the results in front of them, discuss the idea of “scanning” a result page. What words should you look for? What’s most important? Compare to online shopping -- when you are looking at a page with 100 black sneakers, what do you “scan” for? (5 minutes)

    1. As you search, ask students for the kind of “cultural competence” topics they see showing up. Add to the brainstormed topics as necessary.

  3. Instruct students to filter for sources from the last five year. Demonstrate how to generate a citation for the article. (5 minutes)

  4. Return to the results, now paying attention to the subjects: physical therapists, speech, race, dental hygienist, nursing, etc. [Students should repeat the search incorporating another the keyword for their major, ex., cultural competence and nursing] (5 minutes)

  5. After scanning 2-3 pages of results, students should choose something of interest and read a few pages. (5 minutes)

  6. With help from the SSM, have students export each citation in APA style with full abstract, save PDF of each article, and post Citations and PDFs to ePortfolio for use in next week’s activity (see below).


Homework / ePortfolio Assignment


  1. Review the articles and abstracts first

  2. Assignment Title, Annotated Bibliography: Cultural Competency and (major/discipline)

  3. List the citation in APA style with abstract beneath followed by a short reflection.

    1. 1-2 sentences summarizing the article. What was the article about?

    2. 2-3 sentences about what you found interesting about cultural competency in your major discipline. Was the article helpful? What did you learn?

  4. Save file and Post Annotated Bibliography in ePorfolio – Assignment completed! Deposit into Global Learning Assessment area


Pratical links and sources

Link to First Year Seminar Library ePortfolio page

This page exists in every students' ePortfolio (under College Connections). You can use this to show them the Library's presence in ePortfolio.

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