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FYS Library Instruction: ECF 090 Engineering FYS

This Guide will serve as a depositary for Class Assignments, Handouts, PPT presentations, and other materials that can be used by librarians during one-shot LI sessions and in for credit Library classes.

Class Assignment

Lesson Plan

For Paul West's assignment: 

  • Overview of LAGCC Library and Library website
  • Introduce Assignment questions
  • Find information about a career 
  • Use Occupational Outlook Handbook,, or other sites to find job postings 
  • Use Credo Reference: Encyclopedias to talk about defining unknown vocabulary in a field
  • Work with students one-on-one

ECF 090 - Engineering and Computer Science

Activity: “Exploring Careers and Industry Problems”

Location: Computer Lab or Smart Classroom

Learning Outcomes

Students will be introduced to the concept of library academic resources.

Students will learn the strengths and weaknesses of different forms of information.


This session will give students the chance to develop integrative learning skills by connecting their prospective field with academic research.


Core Competencies

Research as Inquiry

Global Learning


Integrative Learning

  1. After introductions, start by asking, “How do you think college students use libraries?” (5 minutes)

  2. Use student responses to guide conversations about what the library can offer. Also ask the following follow-up questions (5 minutes)

    1. Why do students need libraries?

    2. What can college students find in a library?

    3. What is the difference between information found on Google versus the Library?

  3. Introduce the list of Library databases (Visible and Invisible Web).

Depending on the classroom (lab or smart), students will take notes or register for The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal. (10 minutes)

Overview of The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal subscription.

  1. Overview of the “Science” and “Technology” sections search on The New York Times website, as well as the “Search” box. (4 minute)

  2. Depending on the classroom (lab or smart), students will search for an article related to their career aspirations, or read an article from the “Technology” section of The New York Times provided by the Librarian. Here is a suggested article to use. Students should then discuss the implications of the article for their chosen field. Discussion can address:

    1. What kind of research should college students do before choosing a career?

    2. What advances in technology are important right now? How does following current advances help you as a student?

    3. Did you see any connections between the article and what you learned in class? (10 minutes)

  3. Introduce the Library “Career Research Guide.” Distribute printout of the Library Career Guide ( (5 minutes)

  4. Introduce the Occupational Outlook Handbook. (5 minutes)

    1. Occupational Outlook Handbook is a US government publication;

    2. Occupational Outlook Handbook includes an outlook for the future of a career;

    3. Occupational Outlook Handbook has information on salaries, etc.



(Optional) Homework / ePortfolio Assignment

Search the “Technology” section of The New York Times for a short article that is relevant to your career aspirations. In a reflection of 150-200 words, answer the following:

  1. What is the article about?

  2. How does this article relate to your chosen career?

  3. How does this article fit into your expectations about your chosen career?

    1. What should a college student know before choosing a career?

    2. Did you learn something new about the scope of your career?

    3. Did the article leave you with a positive or negative feeling about your field?

Link to First Year Seminar Library ePortfolio page

This page exists in every students' ePortfolio (under College Connections). You can use this to show them the Library's presence in ePortfolio.

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