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Japanese American Internment: Home

A library research guide created to support English classes studying texts such as John Okada's No-No Boy.

Image: Executive Order 9066

Executive Order 9066, February 19, 1942; General Records of the Unites States Government;

Record Group 11; National Archives.

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Photo: Order posted


Use the tabs at the top to navigate through this guide, or you can click on the links below.

  • Getting Started - find background information in encyclopedias and other reference sources
  • Books - search for books at CUNY Libraries and beyond 
  • Articles - major databases for finding articles
  • Websites - freely accessible internet resources
  • Media - find videos and other media at our library and online

[Special thanks to Wadiyah Nelson, Librarian, North Seattle Community College for creating the template for this guide:]


    Image: Executive Order 9066

    Sites in the western U.S. associated with the
    relocation of Japanese Americans during World War II.

    Courtesy National Park Service

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