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HIA research guide, 2012-2013 - for Alpha Theta Phi Chapter of LaGuardia Community Colllege, CUNY >>Theme 8 - Making the Grade: Competition and Education

Program Guide

The Culture of Competition Honors Program Guide

Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society - Alpha Theta Phi @ LaGuardia Community College


Topic chosen - Theme 8 - Making the Grade: Competition and Education -- 

What is the relationship between competition and education?

[Acknowledgements: This guide was based on Horry Georgetown Technical College Library's PTK research guide,]

Theme 8 - Questions for Exploration

1. How does competition for funding affect education?
2. Does the assignment of grades help or hinder the learning process?
3. To what extent does a competitive admissions process lead to ethical  or unethical behavior?
4. How and why does competition for students affect the costs of education?
5. To what extent are a baccalaureate and/or a graduate degree considered a requirement for success in a competitive global job
market? How do more students completing degrees affect the job market?
6. What are the advantages and disadvantages of going to a competitive school?
7. How does the educational system of the United States compete with those of other nations? What factors are taken into consideration
when determining these rankings?
8. How do grade school students engage in competitive activities? Are students ever too young to compete?
9. Do students who attend private, preparatory schools gain an unfair educational advantage when competing with their peers? To what
extent does going to a competitive college matter in terms of a person’s success?
10. What criteria should be used when awarding academic scholarships?
Should non-academic qualities — such as athletic ability — be considered when scholarship money is awarded?

11. When education budgets are being cut, how should school systems make funding decisions in light of competing disciplines? What stays,
and what gets cut?
12. How do students compete for social status at school? Does beinglabeled a member of a certain social group (such as a jock or a geek)
affect educational performance?
13. Has the concept of the student athlete become outmoded? Should colleges and universities pay athletes to play intercollegiate sports?
Why, or why not?
14. To what extent do edupunks change the equation for success as itrelates to formal education and making it in a competitive job market?

Video introduction, HIA Topic 2012-2013

A 5 minute introduction to the 2012/2013 Honors Study topic is below. For more, check out the official PTK site

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