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Travel, Tourism & Hospitality Research Guide: BTT 212

Guide for all students doing research in our TT&H program as well as course specific research information when instructors request it.

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The Research Process

There are many ways to approach the research process. As you gain experience doing research assignments, you'll gradually develop a process that works best for you. In the mean time, you might want to look at the steps below, which represent one way you can organize your research process.

  1. Understand your topic--find background information to help you with this
  2. Develop a research question.
  3. Determine data/information needed to answer your research question and identify search tools (like article databases) to find this information/data.
  4. Evaluate search results to choose which are most appropriate/relevant. Then analyze and synthesize the data/information you've selected (KEEP NOTES)
  5. Communicate your analysis, recommendations, and conclusions.
  6. Repeat 3 and 4 as needed. You may find you're missing something important or useful.

Gale eBooks: Business is a great way to get started on a research project. Articles in the encyclopedias and reference books in Gale eBooks: Business give overviews of industries or business topics and let you know what the issues and challenges are in that field.

Take a little time--maybe read for 15 or 20 minutes--to get a good grasp of your topic can pay big dividends further on as your research progresses. With this knowledge, you may find it easier to focus your research question and recognize sources that are most useful to your research.

Here is a quick introduction to searching Gale eBooks for background information. For more tutorials, check out the publisher's support website.

Finding Industry Publications

Another resource both for industry research and career research are industry publications (also called trade publications). These are written for—and often by—people working in whatever industry the magazine or journal covers.

Characteristics of trade publications include:

  • focus is usually on news and trends but can include research
  • articles are usually short and may not have authors or their affiliations listed
  • filled with advertisements aimed at professionals in the field
  • often expensive
  • NOT peer-reviewed

You can find trade publications in the databases listed below. Narrow down results of your searches by using the filter for Trade publications to find just articles from these type of journals. See more about using these databases.

Finding Academic Journal Articles

screenshot of hospitality and tourism complete database home page

Learn more by watching the brief, general introduction video.

Here are two tutorials for Business Insights: Global—a general, introductory tutorial and a more in-depth database demonstration video made for BTT 212 Spring 2020:

From the database publisher's help site, you can watch a Basics tutorial for Business Insights: Global or a more advanced search tutorial for Business Insights: Global. And if you want to know even more, here's a link to the complete set of tutorials for Business Insights: Global from the database publisher.

View part of a general tutorial on using eMarketer Pro.

Example of data available in eMarketer:

example of charts available in emarketer


Search tips:

  • Under the Statistics menu item at the top, pull down the menu to go to Travel, Tourism & Hospitality. You'll be brought to an overview page with inks to popular statistics,popular studies, items of interest, and the search box for just this section of Statista
  • To look at an entire industry, under the Reports menu item at the top, pull down the menu to go to Industry Reports. Try searching terms such as restaurants, accommodation or transportation to see reports on those areas.
  • If you forgot to choose Travel, Tourism & Hospitality before typing in your search, you can still narrow down your results to the hospitality industry. Check for the Travel, Tourism & Hospitality filter under the Industry drop down menu in the left menu bar

Watch this video for more on searching in Statista

Statista Tutorial - Search Functionality from Statista GmbH on Vimeo.

Architectural embellishment in the shape of a pineapple, Havana, Cuba

Decorative pineapple in Havana, Cuba

Creating an Annotated Bibliography

To create an annotated bibliography:

  1. Identify what type of resource you are citing (for example, journal article, website, etc.)
  2. Look up that particular type of resource on our APA citation guide and create a citation
  3. Add annotations (view a sample annotated citation--scroll down to see the APA sample)
  4. Check your formatting (line spacing, indentation)
  5. If you found a citation for your source in a database, check it for errors using the guide. Errors are common in these machine-generated citations

You can use your annotated bibliography as a tool while you do your research

  • Evaluative annotations state what your sources bring to your topic and position
  • This helps you track how well you are covering your topic
  • And can help you identify gaps where you need resources to support your position

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