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Asian American Studies: Home

Selected resources for doing background research on Asian American studies, history and finding literary criticism about specific authors.

Asian American Studies at LaGuardia Community College

Asian Studies/Asian American Studies/Related Courses:

  • ENG204, Asian American Literature
  • SSH110, East Asian Civilization and Societies
  • SSH113 Modern Chinese History
  • SSH114 Modern Japanese History
  • ELA201 Modern Arabic Literature
  • ELC201 Modern Chinese Literature • ELC203 Classic Chinese Literature • ELC250 Chinese Literature in English Translation
  • HUP121 Eastern Philosophical Traditions
  • HUA191: Art of East Asia
  • Liberal Arts: Japanese Option
  • Language courses: ELA101 Elementary Arabic I • ELA102 Elementary Arabic II • ELA103 Intermediate Arabic I • ELA105 Arabic for Heritage Speakers • ELA201 Modern Arabic Literature • ELC101 Modern Chinese I • ELC102 Modern Chinese II • ELC103 Intermediate Chinese I • ELC105 Modern Chinese for Heritage Students • ELC106 Modern Chinese for Heritage Students II • ELC250 Chinese Literature in English Translation • ELJ101 Elementary Japanese I • ELJ102 Elementary Japanese II • ELJ103 Intermediate Japanese I • ELJ104 Intermediate Japanese II • ELJ105 Japanese for Heritage Students • ELJ250 Japanese Literature in Translation • ELK101 Elementary Korean I • ELK102 Elementary Korean II • ELK103 Intermediate Korean • ELK105 Korean for Heritage Speakers • ELT 101 Elementary Tibetan I • ELT 102 Elementary Tibetan II • ELT105 Tibetan for Heritage Speakers • ELU-105 Uzbek for Heritage Speakers • ELV105 Bengali for Heritage Speakers

Photo by Dorothea Lange, 1942

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