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Honors Conference Research Guide: Getting Research Done

Highlighting the research process, Library services, and Web based tools, this guide's purpose is to make doing research a more meaningful and less daunting academic experience for LaGuardia's Honor Conference Students.

Starting and Managing the Research Process

There are basically twelve (12) steps to completing a research paper. Naturally, not every research assignment is the same so the number of steps for yours might be less, or more:

  1. Identify your topic.
  2. Get background on your topic and gain an understanding of the scope of the related issues and their context -- TAKE NOTES.
  3. Narrow the topic by focusing on a specific issue or aspect to research and writing a research question.
  4. Find articles related to your specific research focus -- BEGIN YOUR BILIOGRAPHY & TAKE NOTES.
  5. Craft a thesis statement (tentative answer to your research question).
  6. Find books related to your specific research focus -- ADD TO YOUR BIBLIOGRAPHY & TAKE NOTES.
  7. Find newspaper/Web articles related to your specific research focus -- ADD TO YOUR BIBLIOGRAPHY & TAKE NOTES.
  8. Draft an outline of your paper.
  9. Start writing the first draft of your paper -- make use of the notes you've been making throughout the process.
  10. Proofread your first draft and write second draft.
  11. Proofread your second draft and write third and final draft, making sure all the assignmnet guidlines have been met.
  12. Submit your final draft to your professor.

Email Charles Keyes in the Library to arrange a research consultation.

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