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Honors Conference Research Guide: Successful Students

Highlighting the research process, Library services, and Web based tools, this guide's purpose is to make doing research a more meaningful and less daunting academic experience for LaGuardia's Honor Conference Students.

Being Successful

Effective time management is crucial to being successful in your academic and professional life. This video produced by The Academic Success Center at Oregon State University discusses the basics of organizing your time and offers suggestions in long-term planning, backwards planning, developing weekly schedules, and using to-do lists.

Crushing Load

Do you find you leave things to the last minute? As a student your life is very busy. You have courses to take, assignments and papers to get done, jobs to go to, family to please. This can all be overwhelming and sometimes juggling all you responsibilities might lead you to leave certain things, like school work, to the last minute - to procrastinate. 

Here are some Web resources that can help you be MORE SUCCESSFUL:

People who are productive not only keep their stress and anxiety levels low, they are also more efficient at getting things done. Accomplishing a tasks we set out to do, like completing an assignment, has been shown to make us feel happier. Watch the following video clip to learn more about improving your own productivity.

Learning to manage your time and carve out blocks of it that can be used for studying is an important skill to develop. Waiting to the last minute is not a habit that leads to success. You have to learn and master time-management skills in order to do "A" level work. Good time management also helps to reduce levels of stress and anxiety, so having good time-management skills is one key yo academic success. The Library has quite a few books on manageing your time. We've given you two here. Need more? Find them by clicking on this link to get to our online catalog: CUNY+ (CUNY's book catalog). You then need to do four things:

  1. In the "Select search type:" pull down menu select "Keyword in subject" and entering time management in the "Search for box:"
  2. In the "Select library box:" select "All CUNY Libraries" from the "Seelect library:" pull-down menu to increase your chances of finding a suitable book.
  3. Click the "Search" button.
  4. Click here for how to request a book from LaGuardia Library's "Storage" area or another CUNY college.

Some sample titles appear below.

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