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Faculty/Staff Guide: Instruction Services

Overview of Library resources for LaGuardia Faculty and Staff.

For all faculty

Library research today is overwhelmingly Web-based and instruction often involves time-consuming orientation and on-the-spot troubleshooting. In order for your classes to get the most out of the short time they spend in the Library's classroom, please:

  • Prep students about the importance of library skills to their research.
  • Make sure students know where and when to come for library instruction.
  • Attend and participate in every class.
  • Most important, meet with the librarian who will teach your class to discuss your assignment/project so that the presentation will be tailor-made for the specific needs of your class.

Arranging a Library Instruction Session for Your Course

Faculty can request an information session with a librarian by filling out the Library Instruction Request Form or by calling 718-482-5476. 

Library Instruction Team:

Professor Galina Letnikova, Coordinator of Instruction
Charles Keyes, Instruction Librarian
Professor Ian McDermott, Instruction Librarian
Bokul Bahar, Instruction Assistant


For ENG101 and ENG103 Faculty: How your Library instruction session is arranged

  • Around the second week of Fall and Spring I and the first week of Fall and Spring II, you should receive a paper schedule in your English Department mailbox. This is a complete schedule for all the ENG101 and ENG103 Library sessions and all sections should be on the schedule.
  • Liberal Arts clusters only receive one session, given in either the ENG101 or ENG103 sections.
  • Please examine the schedule carefully. Though we try our best, sometimes courses are added last moment that we do not know about or sections are reassigned. If you notice that your section is not in the schedule or that you are no longer teaching the section that is on the schedule, contact the English Department's Coordinator of Composition and the Library ( ASAP.
  • Approximately 7-10 days before your scheduled session, you will receive an appointment confirmation generated by the Library through Outlook. The confirmation contains your SIMS (4 digit) and CUNY First (5 digit) section number, the time, date, and location of your instruction session, and the initials of the Library Department faculty member who will be teaching your class's session.
  • Again, please check the information in the appointment confirmation carefully and contact us right away if there is an error:

Tailoring your Library instruction session

  • The Outlook appointment confirmation you receive requests that you send information about your course such as: the topics you are teaching, any research your students have already done or will do, the point in your syllabus that the research assignment is given, any work your students have already done. The more information the Library faculty member have, the better the session can help your students. Send us information now:
  • There is an "instruction menu" attached to each confirmation, which helps to give you an idea of what we can include in your Library instruction session. Filling it in and returning it to us further helps us tailor the session your class receives.
  • Should there be anything else that you would like to communicate about your course feel free to get in touch with the Library faculty member teaching your course or sending us an email using the link above.
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