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Faculty/Staff Guide: Media

Overview of Library resources for LaGuardia Faculty and Staff.


‚ÄčSelect and maintain a collection of audiovisual materials and multimedia resources readily accessible to the college community. Selection includes the preview and purchase of video titles in support of the college's instructional programs and curricula. Maintenance includes processing, cataloging, and replacement of audiovisual materials in all formats.

  • Provide audiovisual equipment and computer software classroom delivery services to the college community for instructional and special events.
  • Laptop, iPad and calculator loan program for all students.
  • Provide videotaping, digital audio recording and editing services for all programs and services and du plication and file compression of non-copyright materials.
  • Provide media laboratory support for individual and group assignments requiring use of audiovisual and computer equipment, including Internet access and printing capabilities.
  • Provide 3D Printing support.

Student Group Study Rooms

New Library Group Study Rooms: A Big Hit !!

Kalsang  Chodon, Nursing Major: “I found out about the rooms while randomly exploring the new library study space….we used the room for our group discussions before the exams” 

One of the new exciting services being provided to students since the kickoff of the Library’s expansion, is the very popular Group Study Rooms. The Group Study Rooms are designed to provide our students with a quiet environment to work or study. The spacious rooms are located on the newly constructed and beautifully designed second floor of the Library Media Resources Center

Eric Avila, Liberal Arts Social Science and Humanities: “ We worked on a video presentation, the tech was very helpful, I really enjoyed the experience”

Each room is equipped with a State of the Art HDMI digital collaboration system of Large Screen 1080p displays and user friendly control panels.  The collaboration systems allow multiple, smaller work groups to be created in a single work space. Students are able to plug in and interface with their mobile devices, i.e. iPads, laptops or phones.

  Groups are defined as two or more students with a maximum of six students. Scheduling the rooms are as simple as going online and filling out the reservation request form, or stopping by the Media Services Help Desk. Reservations can be booked up to two weeks in advance. For a more comprehensive overview of policies and procedures for the Group Study Rooms, see links below. What do we consider a Big Hit?   Well in the first four weeks of operation, we calculated that over 3500 students used the 11 Group Study Rooms.

Reserving and Borrowing Equipment and Software

Media resources include, DVD,CD sound recordings, such as compact discs and LPs. To book equipment and software, the following procedures apply:

  1. Media Services' Equipment and Software Reservations form, available in E-201 and online, is used to book items from the collection, films from the Multimedia Roundtable, as well as equipment needed for classroom showings. Requests will not be accepted over the phone. However, the borrower may obtain a supply of media forms to send interoffice to E-101 as needed. Any loss or damage to the borrowed items will be the financial responsibility of the borrower at full replacement cost.
  2. Advance notice required to process requests is as follows:
    • in collection -- 48 hours or more
    • other CUNY campuses -- one month preferred
  3. Loans are on a first come, first served basis, subject to availability of both the equipment and media programs. Bookings will be confirmed by interoffice mail.
  4. Faculty and staff must present their CUNY IDs when booking materials and equipment for overnight use. Some items are restricted to on campus use only.
  5. The equipment and software materials borrowed from Media Services will be delivered to and picked up from classrooms during library hours by Media Services staff. After 10pm on weeknights or 5pm on Saturdays, the borrower must take responsibility for securing equipment and materials.


Library Media Resources Center
LaGuardia Community College
31-10 Thomson Avenue, room E101
Long Island City, NY 11101
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