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Literary LaGuardia: Meet the staff

Library research guide for LaGuardia Literary Arts, a College publication.

Cameron Liguori

Cameron Liguori       While I may not be the most artistic person in the world, I do love designing things. My contribution to “The Lit”, has been its design. I am not nearly delicate enough to create artwork, I leave that to the people who can be more gentle than I can. I have enjoyed helping to funnel all of our wonderful ideas into a clear view of what we want “The Lit” to represent. The journey of putting this magazine together has been an interesting one, and it has certainly been an excellent opportunity to further my writing, and more importantly, social skills. Unfortunately having spent almost half of my life in prison, integrating back into society can at times, be difficult, and the group effort that we have put into creating this has been a major hand in helping an ex-felon return to society.  

Ronald Iniego

Ronald IniegoI came into Literary LaGuardia, without knowing what I was getting into. I never worked on a group project this large before so this was a new experience for me being that there're so many copies of the magazine, it’s intimidating because you fear judgment. I participated in outreach/research and in copy editing the magazine. Even though it’s just sending email inquiries, you find yourself thinking of what to say to be professional. I learned from each magazine how they handled issues regarding content, eligibility, and their voting process. Working on the magazine, it was a nice introduction to what professional publishing world will entail with the deadlines and debates. I’ve heard of copy editors, but being put in the position of having to proofread each text was a daunting task, one I can hope I succeeded at. 

Shannon Williams

I am a writing and liberal arts major looking to pursue journalism in the future. When I first saw the old LAGCC magazine I had no idea we even had one in the first place. During creating this magazine I was a part of outreach. I encouraged other students to submit a part of their works to the magazine. This experience has taught me to work together with others also how to reach out to people and allow them to do the same. It's been a very interesting experience for me. One of the challenges I faced was communication with others in my group because I am the only deaf person in the group. When I didn't have an interpreter with me sometimes for after-class activities it's easy to feel like you're set apart from the group you're supposed to be a part of. I enjoyed the experience of reading people's works. I hope you enjoy this magazine! A lot of effort and creativity was placed in it

Carolina Varela

Carolina Varela

When I first heard about Literary LaGuardia I was excited about the potential of this book. What excited me the most was creating something tangible out of the many stories that are present at LaGuardia. That tangible piece than is reflective of a creative expression that is both writing and art. As a philosophy major, I wasn’t sure what I could contribute to this book, but I knew that I wanted to become involved. I was able to work closely with the design team on both the cover and the art submissions. The process of making this book has taught me about the different components involved in making an expansive project. Such as finding what people’s interests and assets are as a way to further to production in an effective way. I have already taken this with me and used it on my Environmental Justice club, we were working on a proposal for the roof top garden and with the methods, I gained from making this magazine we were able to get a grant. This experience has taught me that nothing is ever linear and that things that may appear to be completely different may have more in common than at first perceived. I feel that I am less fearful about making connections and going outside of what is expected. I want to thank everyone for making this experience so enjoyable and to all the submissions from the various students at LaGuardia. I hope the book is a representation of all of you and that you guys enjoy this book as much as I did. Also, be fearless in everything you do because our stories are unique and need to be shared. 

Nathan Solanki

I am a photojournalist for the student newspaper “The Bridge” here at LaGuardia. I am also writing for an online publication called The Odyssey. I decided to take Literary LaGuardia because in the future I would like to work for an automotive magazine. I want to be able to take what I’ve learned and apply it to my future position. Also, this looks good on my resume. For the magazine, I’ve been working on the LibGuides, which basically is saying how we brought back the magazine and what went into making it come alive. What I have learned from making this magazine is that its hard work and a lot goes into it. People don't really know how much effort is really put in creating something like this. Walking away from this I know that I will use everything that I’ve learned here for my career.

Julien Guttierrez

I honestly don’t know what to consider myself as of yet, other than a hard working student. The project of developing a school magazine, or a magazine of any sorts, is something that was completely enigmatic to me, and unbeknownst to me. It did help me hone some skills which I had thought I will never come to use; such as reaching  out to the people on campus. Also to in a sense sell our magazine. My major contribution required me to lend my pen and voice to the editing team, as I know this is where I gave the most of me. I hope you guys truly enjoy the book and all the pieces that were chosen.

Francely Rojas


My name is Francely Rojas and I'm a Writing and Literature major. As an English major, I love reading and writing. Therefore, when the opportunity came, to be part of Literary LaGuardia, I quickly grasped it. My experience working for the magazine has been a fruitful and knowledgeable one. I started off as part of the outreach team but in the end, settled as part of the editorial staff. The process of editing is not only correcting grammar and spelling errors. It is the sharing of ideas, of settling differences in opinion, and gaining new wisdom about the world of literature. I highly enjoyed being a part of this team and I hope that this experience will be of great help in my goal of entering the book publishing industry. Lastly, to all the readers of the upcoming issue, I hope you enjoy reading about LaGuardia's diverse community as much as the team of Literary LaGuardia enjoyed creating it.

Bernardo Torres

I am a returning college student and a single parent. I will be graduating this June 2016 and transferring to Queens College. My goal is to become a published poet and become a teacher of poetry at the college level.  The experience to work in an internship class with the grand project to produce a college literary magazine has been so exciting and challenging. In my first task, I started out working within the outreach group to canvas the college campus and to get the word out for students to submit their artistic endeavors both to the general submission of the magazine. I did tabling duties on campus, visited as many departments and clubs as humanly possible, presented and handed out flyers in individual classes, spoke to everyone I knew and/or would be interested in submitting their writing, art, and photography pieces to the project. After a well thought out process, I decided to take a role on the editing side of the magazine where I am currently working as co-editor of all poetry submissions. This is where I feel the most at home.I have been diligently reviewing all the poetry submissions for both the creative writing contest and The Lit 2016. As an editor, the process is not as grueling as it may sound because I have a deep appreciation for the writers and also a sincere respect for the work being published and reviewed with my partners.We are finally able to share our efforts to the entire college community and beyond with The Lit 2016!

Yenick Gonzalez

I am creative writing and literature major with a minor in English. I joined Literary LaGuardia aka The Lit to learn hands-on experience to be able to work in a publication company and hold my own. The experience I can take with me from The Lit is learning to work with a team of my peers was priceless. While creating this magazine I helped with submission choices and also creating the businesses cards. Also, while participating in the picking of the winners for this year's writing contest. This experience will help me achieve my goals as a novelist and poet. I hope that we were able to help guide you in the right direction and we hope you enjoy reading this literary magazine as much as we enjoyed putting together. 

Max Marcellus

Max Marcellus

Hopefully, it is a good representation of my work and past experiences. My primary experience has been about striving to live without compromises. I have done a lot of work in film/photography because I want to have a positive impact on as large a scale as possible. I see film as a way of helping people to have someone else's experience. While creating The Lit, I worked on multiple sections for the birth of this book. Creating the layout and cover was one of my main focuses. Building and working on creative projects present challenges but the rewards tend to be proportional to the effort put in. Having multiple disciplines gives me the flexibility and confidence to approach any obstacle with the reasonable certainty that I will overcome it.

Tanesha Thorpe

Tanesha Thorpe

I’m a journalism major and will be graduating this year 2016. When I joined Literary LaGuardia I really didn't know what to expect. I joined thinking it would just be another class on my list. It turns out, it wasn’t this internship has taught me a lot about myself and the interest I have. Making what is now “The Lit” I tried to participate in many different things to help broaden my outlook and opinion on different subjects. I really feel like I’ve put a lot into this book and so have each of the people who submitted their pieces to be viewed by everyone. Something that I can definitely take from this experience is my editing ability. Being that I am a journalist, editing is something I do a lot and have done even with parts of the magazine. I just really hope you enjoy the effort and work that was put in to make this magazine possible.

Michelle Encalada

Carolina Varela

I am a transfer student into LaGuardia and I am a Writing and Literature major. It took me a really long time to decide what track to follow. When I started this class I did not know how we were going to put the magazine together. I really didn’t know what to expect. I have done both outreach with art classes and picked the many art pieces that will be featured in the magazine. I want this magazine to not only represent my personal taste in literature but to represent LaGuardia Community College and some of it’s best pieces of written and artwork. This experience has taught me how to work together with a group of people to make the best choices possible for an extraordinary outcome.

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