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Literary Criticism: Finding Criticism: Books and eBooks

This guide is meant to help you with any assignment involving the the critiquing of literature.

The easiest way to find books that have the literary criticism you are looking for is to use the Library's book catalog. Just go to the Library's home page ( and click on the link that's labeled "Find books, videos, or CDs (catalog)."

Once at the main search page of the Library's book catalog you have several choices on how to search. Selecting "ALL CUNY Libraries" from the pull-down menu on the right will increase you chances of finding something of use to you in another CUNY library, which you can then request to be delivered to LaGuardia (click the following link for instructions on how to request material from other CUNY libraries:

As far as searching, the best type of search to use is a "Subject begins with . . ." or "Keyword in subject" search. You can select these commands by using the pull-down menu on the left side of the page. These searches require you to enter the author's or poet's last name and will give you a result list of clickable subject headings. Scroll through the list page by page and look for the the author's or poet's name followed by "Criticism and Interpretation". Clicking on this subject will give you only those ebooks or books that deal with criticism on your author. The following screen shots shows a search that can be used to find books and ebooks of criticism on the writings of Edgar Allen Poe. Notice the search terms are: poe and criticism and interpretation and the search type is  Keyword in subject. You can try just searching LaGuardia CC first to see what is available here before trying an ALL CUNY Libraries search

You would get 117 results from the above search. Note that the first result is only available at LaGuardia:



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