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English Library Instruction: 8. Citation Writing

APA Citation

From Liz Jardine: 

For a Psychology class I've taught a few times (in the Library classroom) where the professor really wanted to hit APA style hard, I go through a sample citation showing where the information can be found in a database record. I also show them the APA citation help we have on our website and how to do a hanging indent in Word. Then I give them this citation riddled with errors:

Ross-Sheehy, Shannon, & Robert Newman (2015). Infant Auditory Short-term Memory For Non-linguistic Sounds. Journal Of Experimental Child Psychology, 132(1) 251-264.

I give them time to draft a corrected version in Word. I'll go around and answer questions if they have any. When most of the class seems done, I'll go through the elements of the citation, asking them what corrections, if any, need to be made to fix it. I construct the corrected citation as the students call out the fixes. By the end, all the errors have been found by at least one student in the class. This gets them involved and thinking about the nuances like capitalization or the volume number is italicized but the issue is not.

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