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English Library Instruction: Analyzing Information

Lesson Plan Idea

1. Begin with icebreaker/engagement exercise by asking students Where were they when... [pick something big enough and contemporary enough that they'll remember such as when Michael Jackson died, when Hurricane Sandy hit, etc.] How did they find out or get information?

2. Take what the students give you and use in a presentation about interpreting format which will overlap with information cycle and can finish with these more popular resources vs. what they'll be using in college--scholarly resources.

3. Then talk about analyzing these sources. What does analyze mean to them? Ask about how they decide what jeans to buy? They already do analysis when they research purchases online and come to a decision. 

4. If there's time to go deeper on this, librarians can present on the CRAAP test method of source evaluation or talk about fake news and discuss ways they evaluate news sources.

Working with Op-Eds

This lesson was first developed for Prof. Tara Hickman's ENG 101 in October 2018. It is designed to help students differentiate between opinion writing and traditionally reported journalism. 

Slides available here:

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