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English Library Instruction: Incorporating Information

Lesson Plan Idea

Our lesson involved asking the class to prepare an annotated bibliography, or at the very least, to annotate one of their citations.

In class, students would be broken into pairs, with each student using the citation to find their partner's article. This could be preceded by a brief lesson on using OneSearch to find articles using a citation.

Once the citations were found (and corrected by their peer, if there were issues), the students would read the article they found, and their peer's annotation. Peers would provide feedback using guided questions designed to make sure the article says what the annotation says it does. We didn't develop any guided questions yet, although we certainly could.

We also had thoughts about using research journals to help students incorporate their research. Derek and Ian might have done something around this, and Louise knows a ton about it.


Working with MLA Citations

This lesson was initially developed for Prof. Thomas Fink's ENG 101 in October 2018. It provides a conceptual explanation for citation, historical context for the MLA style, and technical details for writing citations. 

Slides can be found here:

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