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Personal Preservation Tips: Ways to share

An overview of basic storage best practices to help with preserving personal photographs, papers and digital files.

Who's interested in my stuff anyway?

Interested in sharing your photos or documents with people who are interested in your history?

A number of museums, historical societies and libraries are developing local history collections and are always on the lookout for new materials from unrepresented groups.  If you think you have something of interest, just give a place a call and they'll let you know more about any programs going on or can refer you to someplace that might know more.

Queens Memory Project, hosted by the Queens Public library, is one example. They let users create accounts and upload materials to the site, further developing the historical record of the Queens borough.  Give their site a visit for more information.

LaGuardia Community College Archives is also always on the look for materials, so if you are a member of the college community and have materials that relate to the college, get in touch with Thomas Cleary for more information.

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