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Evaluating News Sources: A Journalist’s Perspective

A guide to help you evaluate news sources on the World Wide Web

Need Evaluating News Sources?

This library guide will help you evaluate news sources that you may find on the World Wide Web. The sources and techniques provided here were part of a workshop given on October 11, 2019 by journalist Benjamin Fractenberg titled "Evaluating News Sources: A Journalist’s Perspective."

Yellow journalism or yellow press

Source: Library of Congress

Think Like a Journalist

  • Confirm facts and figures presented in the news article or webpage? 
  • What is the expertise of the author(s)?
  • If the author is making a deductive argument, does the logic make sense? Common fake or bogus arguments.


How Biased is your News Source?

Evaluating Social Media Stories and Sources

Who is providing information? 

  • Is their account verified with the blue check mark? 
  • If not, can you verify who they are? Do they provide source material for their information? 
  • If so, can you click on the link and evaluate it yourself? Is any other trusted source reporting this information? 
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