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OER and Accessibility: What You Need to Know: Overview

This guide shows you how to create and select Open Educational Resources (OER) that are accessible to all users.

Overview of Accessibility Concerns

Similar to satisfying physical accommodations for students, there is a need to ensure online information and other technological resources are available to all students.  Several characteristics of our students need accommodation: 

  • Physical disabilities
  • Dyslexia
  • Learning disabilities
  • Inability to see or low vision
  • Inability to hear or hard of hearing
  • Language barriers 
  • Limited capabilities of a mobile device
  • Limited Internet bandwidth
  • Limited time to spend


Faculty Rights and Responsibilities

Faculty should be aware that they are certain legal mandates that uphold their rights and responsibilities to make accommodations for students with disabilities.  CUNY provides a resource to help faculty teach students with disabilities titled Reasonable Accommodations: A Faculty Guide to Teaching College Students with Disabilities.  
In general, faculty have the right to:

  • Maintain the College’s academic and institutional standards
  • Arrange reasonable accommodations of students with disabilities in accordance with the Office for Students with Disabilities
  • Request verification of a student’s eligibility for an accommodation
  • Contact the Office for Students with Disabilities to clarify a student's request for reasonable accommodations

Faculty also have the responsibility to: 

  • Implement best teaching practices to serve a diversity community
  • Inform students of accommodation options and instruct them as to how they can make a request 
  • Work with the Office for Students with Disabilities and students requesting reasonable accommodations in a timely manner
  • Be aware of campus resources available to students
  • Maintain a student’s confidentiality regarding their disability issues


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