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Digital Humanities: Introduction

This guide presents resources for exploring the digital humanities, including digital archives projects, text analysis, maps, simulations, big data, and the transformation of art and humanities through the use of digital media.

Welcome to Digital Humanities

syllabus, Exploring Digital Humanities, based on word frequency from A Companion to Digital Humanities, Blackwell 2008

[This guide was based on an original version, many thanks to Boston College University Libraries:]

Digital Humanities: Five Definitions

1. Humanities + Digital

2. A cross-disciplinary community in humanities that uses technology, especially web computing, as an analytical tool for critical inquiry and/or a means of scholarly collaboration and communication.

3. Maybe it isn't so simple

4. Visual definition

5. 250 definitions

Introductions to the Field

Digital Humanities spans a broad variety of organizations, approaches, tools, methodologies, and of course disciplines. Here are some helpful guides and articles to get you started.

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