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Leisure Reading: Home


LaGaurdia Library Media Resources Center supports lifelong learning by providing materials that encourage leisure reading and engagement with literacy. Two primary collections provide users with access to popular literature in both print and audio formats. There are even more resources in other Library collections that include newspapers, magazines, music and film. You can search the entire catalog of resources using the links below:

Want even more? Besides having access to all of the CUNY libraries throughout New York City, you also have access to some Other Libraries.

Browsing Collection

The Library's Browsing Collection includes popular fiction and non-fiction, mysteries, science fiction and fantasy, how-to manuals, self-help books, and more. For easy access, the books are loosely grouped in fiction, non-fiction, biography and children's categories and shelved in alphabetical order by author's last name. The links below will take to to a listing of titles in each category:

Are we missing something you'd like to read? You can recommend additional titles to be added to the Leisure Reading Collections using the link below:

Audiobook Collection

Audiobooks are also included in the Browsing Collection and are available at the Media Desk in the form of Playaways. These are small devices pre-loaded with the entire content of a book, so no downloading, no format worries, and no scratched or missing CD’s. The Playaway is equipped with a universal headphone jack, so it can be used with headphones but can be played through a car system as well. See what is available by checking the shelf near the browsing collection, searching "Playaway" in the library catalog or using the link below:

Newspapers and Magazines

The Library subscribes to a number of newspapers and magazines both digitally and in print. You can browse the collection by visiting the Current Periodicals and Newspapers collection or searching for specific titles in the online catalog. 

The New York Times Pass

All CUNY students, faculty, and staff can enjoy full access to and NYT mobile apps through the complimentary-to-you Academic Pass.

Public Libraries in New York

Quick links: Brooklyn Public Library catalog | New York Public Library | Queens Public Library catalog WorldCat (searches libraries around the country)

LaGuardia students are very lucky in that they attend college in a city with a lot of great libraries. Besides having access to all of the CUNY libraries throughout New York City, they also have access to some other research institutions that are free and open to the public.

Public Libraries

New York City has three separate public library systems — Queens Public Library, which serves Queens; Brooklyn Public Library, which serves Brooklyn; and New York Public Library, which serves Manhattan, the Bronx, and Staten Island. All three systems have their own library card, but the cards are free to anyone living, working, or going to school in New York City. Also, books taken out from one system must be returned to the same system. For example, you cannot return New York Public Library books in Queens.

Public libraries usually have different collections than academic libraries. The LaGuardia Library Media Resources Center has a collection designed for the students of the school. Public libraries have broader collections designed for different types of people, from children to senior citizens to just about everyone else. So if you need a textbook for a class, you probably want to come to the LaGuardia library first. If you want a recent bestseller or exciting mystery, you might want to check your local public library (although we have a lot of great fiction books in our collection, both in the stacks and in our Browsing Section, found at the rear of the library).

Queens Public Library
Here is the catalog for the Queens Library. If you don't already have a Queens card, here is information on getting one. Once you have a library card and a PIN, you can manage your account online, renewing and reserving items. Click here for information on managing your Queens Public Library account. Also, there's a branch of the Queens Public Library right near LaGuardia. The Court Square branch is located in the Citicorp building.

New York Public Library
Here is the catalog for the New York Public Library. You can also renew and reserve books from this catalog online. All you need is a barcode and a PIN. Here is where you can login to manage your NYPL accountHere is how you get a free library card from New York Public Library.

Brooklyn Public Library
Here is Brooklyn Public Library's catalog. And here is information on getting a free library card from them. Once you have a card and have created a PIN, you can also manage your Brooklyn Public Library account, using this link.

Online Libraries

There are also some online libraries and collections that might be helpful.

The Online Books Page includes listing of freely available online books. Hosted by the University of Pennsylvania Libraries.

LibriVox hosts an extensive collection of free audiobooks read by volunteers.



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