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Art History Research Guide: Home

This guide will help you find books, articles, images, and other information about varied art history topics: artists, works of art, concepts, movements.

Online Art During COVID-19

The LaGuardia Library is offering online services during the spring 2020 semester. See the Help from Home guide for more info.

Museums, artists, and galleries are offering online programming during the pandemic. 

Museum Computer Network: the ultimate guide to virtual museums

Hyperallergic: a daily report on COVID-19's impact on the art world

Quick Links

LaGuardia Library Media Resources Center

Databases for articles at the LaGuardia Library

Developing a research topic
Courtesy of Wayne C. Booth, Gregory G. Colomb, and Joseph M. Williams, The Craft of Research, 3rd ed., (Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 2008).

Getting Started and Being Creative with Research

5 Pointz by Selina Chan.jpg
5 Pointz by Selina Chan  

This guide is intended to help LaGuardia students with art historical research. You will find information about finding books, articles, images, video, and additional information on the following:

  • artists
  • works of art 
  • theories
  • movements
  • other art history topics  

Keyword Searching

To find an article in a database, you will need to search using keywords.

Use keywords based on the topic you are researching. Ask yourself the following questions when choosing a topic:

I am studying / working on ____________

because I want to fi nd out who / what / when / where / whether /why / how__________.


For example:

I am studying the painter Jean-Michel Basquiat

because I want to find out how graffiti in New York City influenced his art.

Break your topic into the main ideas (aka keywords). In this example: Jean-Michel Basquiat, art, graffiti, New York City. 

Now, let's take each of those and come up with as many synonyms as we can.

Art: fine arts, painting, specific styles of paintings such as "expressionism"

Graffiti: street art, tagging

Combine any of your terms using the word AND.

Example:  "Jean-Michel Basquiat" AND painting AND graffiti

You can also search using search operators to expand or limit your search: "OR" (film OR movies OR Hollywood); "NOT" (film OR movies NOT "Charlie Chan").

Example: "Jean-Michel Basuqiat" AND graffiti OR "street art"

Choosing Keywords

Background Information

Metropolitan Museum of Art: Heilbrunn Timeline of Art History
Essays, works of art, and chronologies tell the story of art and global culture through the Met's encyclopedic collection.

Free and open resource with essays, images, and videos by art historians

Grove Art Online
23,000 subject entries, 21,000 biographies, 500,000 bibliographic citations, 40,000 image links and 5,000 images on the history of art.

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