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Breaking Barriers: Vice President Kamala Harris, Gender, and Representation: Student Voices

Students' Responses to Breaking Barriers Event

LaGuardia students reflected upon the meaning of the Breaking Barriers event and how they feel about VP Harris's presence in a seat of power.  

"Thank you for today’s event. Kamala Harris’ vice presidency highlights the importance of representation as a person of color, not only in politics but in communities like the arts and LGBT community. It is important to recognize that many communities outside of politics are underrepresented, and every voice deserves to be heard."


"This event made me realize that I am not alone. As an immigrant, who moved here during the start of Trump’s presidency, I saw nothing but people being treated badly and movements like BLM etc. it was so exciting to see someone who not only looks like me but understands what it is like being a person of color and a woman." 


"I'm really shy to speak but, just wanted to say thank you to everyone who has shared their thoughts and experiences. It was really encouraging to me as someone who has a single mom and who is an immigrant. I’m proud to see that Kamala Harris’ story has shown me that no matter who you are no matter what you've been through you can be who you want to be and reach your dreams. It's a great example for me!! Thank you again. :)." 


"I can't put into words how happy I was when I saw that Kamala Harris video. I was a little shy to participate, but I did so in the comments. It's a beautiful thing to empower others, and I appreciate it. I hope they hold more meetings like this in the future. In other words, the meeting was so POWERFUL." 


"This event was very eye-opening and included information and perspectives that more people should be open to knowing about. “Words Matter” is something that people should be aware of. The language we use when talking about important topics set up our thoughts, empathy and biases towards these topics. The way the speakers today spoke from a place of genuine concern, relatability, and encouragement was incredibly inspiring and personal." 


"I really liked the comments made by everyone. It motivated me, and I was left in awe while I was hearing everyone’s stories. Thank you for this event!" 


"Very motivating. Privileged to have been a part of this. Witnessing history and seeing how others are
reflecting made me feel like I’m not alone." 

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