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#FoodJusticeforAll: LaGuardia Humanitarian Initiative (LHI) Research Guide: Poverty

Resources on the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal 2: Zero Hunger

Online research resources


Keywords for searching

Some ideas for subject terms to try in our databases and OneSearch to get you started:

  • poverty
  • poverty reduction
  • public welfare
  • economic conditions [AND a place name]
  • poor women
  • working class
  • working poor
  • urban poor, rural poor
  • homelessness, homeless
  • child welfare

Try combining one of the terms above with a related concept such as a place (United States, Southeast Asia, Rio de Janeiro, developing countries, etc.), a group of people affected by it (children, African Americans, women, etc.), or a topic related to it (minimum wage, race, government policy, etc.). Link the terms using the connector AND (for example, poverty AND race). To learn more about combining terms to build more complex searches, go to the Getting Started tab on this guide.

Poverty in NYC



Specific journals


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