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Digital Humanities: DH Projects

This guide presents resources for exploring the digital humanities, including digital archives projects, text analysis, maps, simulations, big data, and the transformation of art and humanities through the use of digital media.

Napoleon's March

Napoleon's March

Information graphic of Napoleon's disastrous Russian campaign of 1812 created by Charles Minard. The graph display several variables in a single image:

  • Fluctuation with regard to the size of the army
  • Geographical coordinates
  • Direction that the army was travelling
  • Location of the army with respect to certain dates
  • Weather along the path of the retreat

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Interactivity and Data Visualization

Data mining and text encoding projects are often paired with interesting visual representations, multimedia, and interactive tools. Here are some hallmark examples:

Digital Archives

One of the principal projects of digital humanities has been to make historical and literary texts available as online and fully searchable. Many projects make use of  the Text Encoding Initiative (TEI) standard, which allows any scholar to undertake a variety of forms of computer-aided data analysis. Digital archives also often provide scanned images of original documents as well as other analyses.

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