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Eastern Philosophy and Religion: Films & Videos

A library resource guide to support classes such as HUP 121 - Eastern Philosophy and Religion.

The Indian Subcontinent (directed by Sian Salt)

PBS: Religion and Ethics Newsweekly

Watch episodes and news segments about issues in religion on the PBS Religion & Ethics Newsweekly site. An example is below.

Film: Why Has Bodhidharma Left for the East? A Zen Fable (1989)

- Son Buddhism (related to Zen); Director:  - (1989; 01:07:09)

PBS: The Story of India

Take a look at companion site for the PBS series The Story of India for photos and videos as well as other resources.

Film: Sita Sings the Blues (2008)

Director: Nina Paley; Creative Commons license (CC0 1.0 Universal); "It intersperses events from the Ramayana, light-hearted but knowledgeable discussion of historical background by a trio of Indian shadow puppets, musical interludes voiced with tracks by Annette Hanshaw and scenes from the artist's own life. The ancient mythological and modern biographical plot are parallel tales, sharing numerous themes."

PBS-- The Buddha

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