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Phi Theta Kappa/Alpha Theta Phi - Honors in Action: 2014


Recommended Articles

Call Numbers

Books in the LaGuaria Community College Library are organized according to the Library of Congress Classification System. Each book has an assigned call number, sort of like an address of where it is located on the shelf. For a complete listing of how the books are arranged in our library, please click on the link below.

Interlibrary Loan

Did you know that you can request books from other CUNY Libraries? If you find a "regular loan" book that is available on the shelf at another CUNY library, just click on "Request a copy" and it will be sent here to be picked up.  Items can take up to 1-3 weeks to arrive, so plan ahead!

You can also request copies of articles not available in our library databases (full-text and  free of charge!) from another library somewhere in the United States. Just set up an ILLIAD account here:

WorldCat Search

Search here to see if the books you need are available in local public libraries. Special arrangements can be made with a librarian to use other college libraries too:

Search for an item in libraries near you: >>

Google Books

Google Books is a good place to search within the pages of books. Remember that you can check the Library Catalog to see if we have full-text access via CUNY Libaries.

Google Book Search

Find Books - Library Catalog Search

Use this catalog search box to see what books (and ebooks) are available in CUNY Libraries (or search via the CUNY Libaries Catalog directly):

Keyword(s): Search in:Phrase?:

More recommended books

Google Books

The search below is only a sample.  You can delete the text in the search box and perform your own search for books available through Google Books.

Note: Some Google Books are available in full-text, while others only allow a limit preview or publication information only.

Google Book Search

La Guardia and Wagner Archives

For research on NYC mayors, Queens local history and more:

Library eBook Collections

These Library ebooks can be viewed 100% full-text and free to LaGuardia students & faculty. They can be viewed online by more than one person at a time and some can be downloaded, printed and saved as PDFs.

Recommended Readings from the HIA Guide

Theme 9 - Borders & Boundaries - Recommended Readings:

Demographics/Census Websites

Library Research Guide for Statistical Resources:

Library research guide

Library Research Guide for NYC Neighborhoods:

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