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Nursing Resources: About This Guide

Nursing (and other allied health) students will find the resources in this guide helpful for investigating and/or researching topics and issues in the field of nursing.

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Who Is This Guide For?

This guide is aimed at any student enrolled in any nursing program here at LaGuardia: LPN, RN, and Bridge to RN programs. The guide is meant to be comprehensive in that it covers topics introduced in many of the courses in the nursing programs. Students thinking about applying to the nursing program and the career of nursing. Additionally many students enrolled in related allied health programs may find the research sources for the topics highlighted in this guide helpful for their own research. 

What's in this Guide?

This guide focuses on academic (scholarly) sources that can be used to find research on topics that are taught across the nursing programs. Additionally this guide provides sources for research careers in nursing and for test preparation. Where research is concerned, this guide is not meant to be a replacement for consulting with a Libarian.

Information About LaGuardia's Nursing Program

Information about the LaGuardia's Nursing program may be found on the program's Web site:

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