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LGBTQ+ Library Guide: Film & Video

Welcome to the LaGuardia Community College Library's guide to LGBTQ and queer studies resources. Here you'll find links to selected library resources both in print and online, as well as sources to help you with research.

Representation onscreen...

Different from the Others (silent film)

..and behind the screen

Video: Brother Outsider: The Life of Bayard Rustin

"Brother Outsider: The Life of Bayard Rustin." , directed by Nancy Kates, and Bennett Singer. , produced by Bennett Singer, Nancy Kates, and Question Why Films. , California Newsreel, 2002. Alexander Street,

Videos: Music

About this page

[based on Simmons College Library LibGuide} "Queer cinema is a fascinating and storied topic with a history going back to the first experimental films of the late nineteenth century. In this guide, you'll find primers on concepts like queercoding, representation, tropes and symbolism, and the queer gaze, along with more in-depth critiques analyzing specific films and filmmakers. In many ways, this guide seeks to create a queer archive of cinematic scholarship, consolidating a few of the most effective articles, books, and video essays on queer cinema.

This guide is organized by format, separating recommended texts into "Online Resources" and "Books." See the "Further Research" page for additional resources in queer cinematic scholarship and the "Sources" page for a list of MLA citations of all major resources included in this guide."

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