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Constitution Day: Home

This guide provides resources that help explore the U.S. Constitution.

Links to Sources of Background Information about the Constitution

The Constitutional Convention - Scene at the Signing of the Constitution:

Using the painting by Howard Chandler Christie, this site, created by Teaching American History, allows you to move your mouse over a delegate to see that delegate's name and state and by clicking on the delegate's image to access biographical information.

The Constitution:

From The White House comes this explanation of why there is a constitution and how the government is constructed.

Constitution Day:

Here is an explanation of the Constitution Day Celebration provided by the Administrative Office of the United States Courts.

Constitution Day:

Background information from the American Bar Association includes landmark cases.

Constitution Facts:

Site includes all kinds of background information. Created by ConstitutionFacts.Org.

CRS Annotated Constitution:

Site provides discussion of governmental issues.  The site was created by the Legal Information Institute at the Cornell University Law School.

Constitution Image

Links to Videos About the Constitution


Bill of Rights Institute:  Constitutional Principles Videos

View videos about aspects of government under the Constitution.


Introduction to the United States Constitution

Brief introduction to the history behind the creation of the U.S. Constitution.


The Making of the American Constitution - Judy Walton

Freedom Project:

Principles of the Constitution Video Series

Choose from several videos addressing aspects of the U.S. Constitution.

National Archives:

National Archives Celebrates Constitution Day With "Inside the Vaults" Video Short - The U. S. Constitution at the National Archives

Translations of the U.S. Constitution into Other Languages

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