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LaGaurdia's OER Toolkit: About OER

Introduction to OER

OER stands for Open Educational Resources. Creating or adapting OER takes a lot of work. What motivates faculty, staff, and students to create OER?

Why OER?

Know your "why"!

Are you creating OER for...

  • your students?
  • your course?
  • your department?
  • for yourself?

Non-OER Textbook Affordability

Textbook prices have increased at a much higher rate than other goods

Percent change since 1978 for educational books, medical services, new home prices, and the CPI


"Part of my excitement about the power of OER is tempered by my sense that we are dabbling in the trees while the forest is on fire... By now, most people involved with OER know the truly shocking statistics about textbook costs and how they adversely affect student success … OER is a larger social justice issue, foundationally related to the question of who should have access to knowledge, knowledge creation and education…If OER is appealing because they can help make knowledge more accessible, then we must care about the myriad issues -- from child care to transportation -- that prevent our potential students from even coming to our classrooms in the first place. "

-Robin DeRosa, 2017

How Textbook Prices Impact LaGuardia Students

  • Costs of books and supplies at LaGuardia: $1,500+ in addition to tuition and fees per academic year
  • LaGuardia students living with family: Nearly 50% earn < $25,000 per year
  • LaGuardia students living independently62% earn < $25,000 per year

OER Promotes Equity

17 UN Sustainable Development GoalsEquity

  • Education is a fundamental human right

  • OER helps students afford education

  • Helps fill gaps in the curriculum


  • Helps share knowledge and expertise

  • Keeps content relevant and high quality

Knowledge as a Public Good

  • Contributes to open knowledge

  • Meets Sustainable Development Goal

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