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Creating LibGuides - A Guide for Faculty: Adding Content

First you need to add a "Box" to the page

To add content to your guide:

1. Click the tab of the page you'd like to work on.

2. Click an "Add Box" link.

3. Give a title to your box and set it up.

4. In the box you just created (steps 1-3 above), click the "Add / Reorder" button and select the type of content you'd like to add.

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Types of content or "Assets" you can add in a "Box"

Rich Text / HTML Your standard WYSIWYG-based rich text content item. Add your own custom HTML, images, tables, etc. The possibilities are nearly limitless.
Database Add a link to a Library database.
Link Add a web link. Any link.
Media / Widget Add a widget for a video, search box, an iframe of another webpage, or anything else you can embed!
Book from the Catalog Add a link to a book from your catalog!
Document / File Upload a document to your guide that your users can quickly access and download.
RSS Feed Pull an RSS feed from a blog, a website, or something else.
Guide List Quickly create a list of LibGuides from all those avaialable
Poll Want to share a quick poll with your users?
Define up to 10 poll choices and add an optional link for each of them.
Google Search Add a Google search box.


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