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Creating LibGuides - A Guide for Faculty: Taking Your Guide Live

Status and Prepping Your Guide to Go Live

Optional Friendly URL:

You can edit your guides URL to make it "friendly" -- easier to find. You can do this by clicking on the little edit pencil at the end of the guide URL that appears just below the title of your guide.

Recommended format for friendly URLs :

/course# or /course#-instructor (e.g., /NUR3105 or /ENC1101-Scott)

/broadsubject (e.g., /education)

/broadsubject-subarea (e.g., /education-art)

Optional Subject Categories:

Associate the guide with one or more of the subject categories available in the drop-down list. If you don't select a subject category, the guide will still appear in the A-Z list.

Don't bother associating a guide with a subject  category if it is a course page or other page that will be maintained as a private page because only guides that are Published will show up in the subject directory pages.

Changing Your Guide's Status

When you're ready to change your guide's status use the pull down list in the status menu located in the upper right area of the page.By default it is set to "Unpublished". 


Published guides are visible to most account users on the system. Publishing a guide does not make it live on the Web site. When you're ready to make a guide available for use, change "Unpublished" to "Publish" using the pull down list in the status menu located in the upper right area of the page.


Once a "Private" Guide goes live it is only accessible to people who know the guide's URL (Web address).

Taking Your Guide Live

Change the guide's status to "Published" and email the guide URL along with a description and thumbnail image you'd like to use for the guide to Derek Stadler, the Library Department's Web Services Librarian.

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LaGuardia Community College
31-10 Thomson Avenue, room E101
Long Island City, NY 11101
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