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Creating LibGuides - A Guide for Faculty: Getting Started

Set-up Your LibGuides Account

Email Charles Keyes directly to request your LibGuide account:

Glossary of Terms and Icons

Click on this symbol to add a "tab" (or what LibGuides refers to as a "page") to you guide.
Clicking on a "pencil" will allow you to edit/change information associated with the "pencil" you click on.

_ _ _  

_ _ _ 

Clicking on broken red or blue lines allows you to edit/add information associated with them, e.g.  the title of your guide or its description.
Box The main container on each page. You can add as many boxes as you wish to a page but keep in mind the overload factor. Boxes fit within columns on the page, which you are able to adjust, and are usually used to created a heading for the related material and information you will add inside the box.
Page Web browsers would usually refer to this as a tab. This is a way to divide up the content of you guide into it's larger aspects.
Content item Any of the 13 kinds of items you can add to a box. Basically this is the information that you will fill the box with. Perhaps the most common is Rich Text/HTML but there are Items that allow you to add such information as book information and RSS feeds. 
Tag Keywords you create that can be associated with your guide and would be used to help people find it when searching for it.
Subject A term set by the system that you can select to categorize you guide. Unlike tags (above), subjects are set at the system level and cannot be changed or added to by individual users.
Asset This is the term for content that is added within a box. You can add almost any type of content: Rich Text/HTML, (Library) Database, Link (URL), Media (video, etc.), Book (from the Library catalog), Document/File, RSS Feed, Guide List, Poll, or Google Search box. Find more about these assets in the "Adding Content" page of this guide.


Creating a New Guide or Copy One/Parts of One

You don't have to re-invent the wheel. One of the benefits of the LibGuide system is that you have access to and the ability to reuse content of guides created by your colleagues here at LaGuardia or across the community of LibGuide users. The Library Department has also created a template to make things easier for you when you start out. 

See the image below:

LibGuide Account Home


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Long Island City, NY 11101
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