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Scholarly Communications Guide for Faculty: About

Resources to help you with writing and publishing your scholarship

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Scholarly Publishing Teahouse

Hello LaGuardia faculty,

While the Library is working to support your students, don’t forget that we’re still here for you as well. The Library’s Scholarly Publishing Teahouse is offering Scholarly Publishing Office Hours--faculty can virtually drop in to ask those questions they need answers to. You might want to know what a Creative Commons license is, whether a journal you’ve found is one of those “predatory journals,” or how to find a journal to publish in to begin with. We’ll take on all your questions and help you find answers.



View the Scholarly Publishing Teahouse Office Hours schedule for the remainder of Spring I. We will also link to the schedule and have office hours information on the Faculty section of the Library’s Help from Home guide. To chat with a Librarian during virtual office hours, you can initiate a chat with them in Google Hangouts. Our email is Within Hangouts, you can invite us to chat, or email us with your gmail address and we can invite you to chat.


If Google Hangouts or the time offered each week doesn’t work for you, send us an email and let us know how or when you want to connect in this time of virtual meetings. We also invite you to join us on our Slack channel at for group discussion of scholarly publishing questions and issues. Browse our past posts and discussion to see if there’s some helpful information there for you. And you can always email any of us directly.


We look forward to assisting you with your scholarly publication efforts.


Stay healthy out there!


The LaGuardia Library Scholarly Publishing Posse

Liz Jardine
Ann Matsuuchi
Donneer Missouri
Thomas Cleary

Scholary Communications Defined....

From the ACRL Scholarly Communications toolkit:

Scholarly communication is the system through which research and other scholarly writings are

  • created
  • evaluated for quality
  • disseminated to the scholarly community
  • peserved for future use. 


The Drive for 500!

LaGuardia's repository, Academic Works, is within sight of posting its 500th item! Will it be an article by faculty or staff? Will it be an open educational resource (OER)? Will it be YOURS? Help us get to our 500th work in the LaGuardia section of Academic Works! Find out how to submit.



Scholarly Communication


image credit: ACRL toolkit


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