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LGBTQ+ Library Guide: Books

Welcome to the LaGuardia Community College Library's guide to LGBTQ and queer studies resources. Here you'll find links to selected library resources both in print and online, as well as sources to help you with research.

LGBTQ+ Books & Ebooks-Fiction, selected titles at LaGuardia Community College Library

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  • Poetry -- Soto, Christoper (Ed.)  (2018). Nepantla: An Anthology for Queer Poets of Color. Brooklyn, N.Y.: Nightboat Books. The title of this collection of queer poets of color, the first major survey of its kind in the U.S., comes from a quote from Gloria Anzaldúa. Works from poets include: Justin Chin, Fatima Espiritu, Luther Hughes, Donika Kelly , Danez Smith, Paul Tran, Akilah Oliver,  and Ocean Vuong. [for more on this see: )]

  • Sheridan Le Fanu's Carmilla (1872); 

  • Fielding, H. (1746). The female husband. Henry Fielding’s pamphlet fully entitled The Female Husband: Or, the Surprising History of Mrs. Mary, Alias MR George Hamilton, Who Was Convicted of Having Married a Young Woman of Wells and ... from Her Own Mouth Since Her Confinement, was a fictionalized account of Mary Hamilton, who in real-life was arrested and prosecuted for fraudulently marrying a woman, in a purported series of similar same-sex marriages. This early narrative, while sensational, offers contextual usage of gendered pronouns, as well as being suggestive of how female and trans-experiences were not inevitable tragic. 

  • Historical anthologies - Faderman, L. (Ed.) (1996). Chloe plus Olivia. London: Penguin.

  • Contemporary trans lit: Jordy Rosenberg, Andrea Lawlor; Trap Door, edited by Reina Gossett, Eric A. Stanley, Johanna Burton. Akwaeke Emezi


LGBTQ+ Comic Books, Graphic Novels, Zines

Cons & Conferences

Conference: Queers & Comics. Retrieved from A conference for LGBTQ comic artists and fans with an academic bent that is annually hosted by universities and arts institutions in New York or California.  

Convention: FlameCon. Retrieved from One of the largest queer comics fan conventions in the U.S. 

Convention: Rainbow Book Fair. Retrieved from

Conference/Convention: WisCon. Retrieved from WisCon is one of the largest annual conferences with both academic and fan-oriented tracks, that centers on feminist and lgbtq themes. It takes place in Madison, Wisconsin. 

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