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LGBTQ+ Library Guide: Blogs, Podcasts, Websites

Welcome to the LaGuardia Community College Library's guide to LGBTQ and queer studies resources. Here you'll find links to selected library resources both in print and online, as well as sources to help you with research.

Cartoon Artists & Writers


Social media (FB / Twitter / LinkedIn / YouTube channels)

  • Fink, J. & Cranor, J. Welcome to Night Vale. (2102-present). Commonplace Books/Night Vale Presents. This serialized podcast, purporting to be a local radio news program in a Southwestern desert town called “Night Vale”, features indie music weather reports, a dog park that isn’t, and other surreal stories. Radio host/narrator Cecil Palmer dates and eventually marries a scientist, Carlos, who came to Night Vale to investigate the strange goings-on. Welcome to Night Vale has spawned a live tour, several tie-in novellas, and copious fan art. 
  • Tu, Kathy and Tobin Low (2017). Nancy Podcast. New York: WNYC. Retrieved from The Nancy Podcast, hosted by New York City public radio station WNYC, features interviews, stories, and conversations that highlight many LGBTQ voices not customarily heard in mainstream media.
  • Black Girl Nerds [blog]. Retrieved from This inclusive online community site created by and for women of color features interviews and media reviews, frequently highlighting work from LGBTQ creators. 
  • Lambda Book Report. Published by Lambda Literary since 1989 and now in blog format at The blog publishes mostly reviews of forthcoming LGBTQ books, but also includes interviews with LGBTQ creators and reviews of other media and formats.
  • LGBTQ at NYPL [blog]. Retrieved from Book reviews, book lists, events and commentary from staff at the New York Public Library. Includes staff bloggers from specialized libraries as well as branch and neighborhood libraries within the system (covering The Bronx, Manhattan, and Staten Island).
  • Okazu [blog]. Retrieved from This blog about lesbian-themed Japanese cartoons, comics and related media (“yuri”) for English-speaking fans is written by Erica Friedman, a translator, writer, librarian, and book publisher. 
  • Supergay! Retrieved from This fun, in-depth, critical and cute conversation covers the queer -- whether canonical or subtextual -- in super hero comics, animation and geek culture. Starring Johnnie "JungleGuts" Martin and Alexandro Segade aka Prof Xtra. 

Cons & Conferences

Conference: Queers & Comics. Retrieved from A conference for LGBTQ comic artists and fans with an academic bent that is annually hosted by universities and arts institutions in New York or California.  

Convention: FlameCon. Retrieved from One of the largest queer comics fan conventions in the U.S. 

Convention: Rainbow Book Fair. Retrieved from

Conference/Convention: WisCon. Retrieved from WisCon is one of the largest annual conferences with both academic and fan-oriented tracks, that centers on feminist and lgbtq themes. It takes place in Madison, Wisconsin. 

WonderCon2021: Panel on LGBTQ+ Comics and Social Activism

2021 March 27: Prism Comics moderator Justin Hall (No Straight Lines; professor, California College of the Arts) along with a diverse panel of queer comics creators explore comics as a source of social power and community. Panelists include Tara Madison Avery (We’re Still Here, Alphabet; publisher, Stacked Deck Press), Trinidad Escobar (Of Sea and Venom, Tryst), Jennifer Camper (Juicy Mother; founder, Queers & Comics conference), Lawrence Lindell (From Truth with Truth, Still, Couldn't Afford Therapy, So I Made This Again; co-founder, TheBAYlies), and Anand Vedawala (100 Years From Now Our Bones Will Be Different; executive director, San Francisco Zine Fest).

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