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Art History Research Guide: Articles

This guide will help you find books, articles, images, and other information about varied art history topics: artists, works of art, concepts, movements.

Important Journals

Vilhelm Hammershøi (Danish, 1864-1916), A Room in the Artist's Home in Strandgade, Copenhagen, with the Artist's Wife, 1902

Magazine featuring essays and photography by major writers and artists. Published by Aperture Foundation. 
Available in Humanities Source (2012-present)
Print version available in LaGuardia Library, Mezzanine, 2003-present

Art Bulletin
Major journal for scholarly essays on the history of art, published by College Art Association
Available via JSTOR (1919-2012), Academic Search Complete (1975-present), MasterFILE Complete (1984-present)

Art Critical
Online magazine about contemporary art

Art History
Published by the Assoc. of Art Historians
Available in Academic Search Complete & History Reference Center (03/1981-one year ago); Wiley-Blackwell Full Collection (1997-present)

Art in America
Contemporary art criticism with an international perspective
Available via Academic Search Complete, MasterFILE Complete, Humanities Source, & MAS Ultra School Edition
Print version available in LaGuardia's Library, 1986-present
Microfilm available, 1971-1990

Art Journal
Scholarly journal dedicated to contemporary art, published by College Art Association
Available via Academic Search Complete (1974-present), JSTOR (1960-2012), MasterFILE Complete (1984-present)

‚ÄčLeading magazine for contemporary art criticism
Available via Academic One File & General ONEfile, 1993 to one year ago
Print version available at LaGuardia Library, 1994-present

‚ÄčMore international art criticism as well as news and art market updates
Print version available in LaGuardia's Library, 1972-1974 & 2003-present
Microfilms available, 1963-1990

BOMB Magazine
Longstanding magazine about art, music, and literature, centered around interviews between artists 

Flash Art
Bimonthly magazine examining global contemporary art
Print version available in LaGuardia's Library, 2015-present



Databases for articles

The Library has selected databases for art history research here

The following databases are helpful when researching art, artists, and art history topics:

Art and Architecture Complete
Full text articles for hundreds of periodicals dating back to 1937, including many major art magazines.

Academic Search Premier 
General database that includes articles about art and art history

Excellent database for art history research. Does not contain the most recent issues for some journals

Project Muse
Good database for art history and related disciplines: film, dance, performance, etc.

Art Abstracts
Note: this database has limited full text articles

Proquest Newspapers
Searches newspapers from around the world, including the New York Times. Great for exhibition reviews


Keyword Searching

To find an article in a database, you will need to search using keywords.

Use keywords based on the topic you are researching. Ask yourself the following questions when choosing a topic:

I am studying / working on ____________

because I want to fi nd out who / what / when / where / whether /why / how__________.


For example:

I am studying the painter Jean-Michel Basquiat

because I want to find out how graffiti in New York City influenced his art.

Break your topic into the main ideas (aka keywords). In this example: Jean-Michel Basquiat, art, graffiti, New York City. 

Now, let's take each of those and come up with as many synonyms as we can.

Art: fine arts, painting, specific styles of paintings such as "expressionism"

Graffiti: street art, tagging

Combine any of your terms using the word AND.

Example:  "Jean-Michel Basquiat" AND painting AND graffiti

You can also search using search operators to expand or limit your search: "OR" (film OR movies OR Hollywood); "NOT" (film OR movies NOT "Charlie Chan").

Example: "Jean-Michel Basuqiat" AND graffiti OR "street art"

How-to Videos

Find articles when you only have a citation

Find articles in Academic Search Complete

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