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Art History Research Guide: Citation

This guide will help you find books, articles, images, and other information about varied art history topics: artists, works of art, concepts, movements.

Quick Links

Terracotta antefix (roof tile), 6th century B.C., Greek

LaGuardia MLA citation guide

Purdue Online Writing Lab Research and Citation Guide

Citing Images

EasyBib helps you create citations for images

Citing a photograph displayed in a museum or institution 
From the EasyBib website

Last, First M. Photograph Title. Year Created. Photograph. Museum/Institution, Location.

MLA - Photo

Museum/collection: Where the photo is taken
City: City where the photo is located

Cartier-Bresson, Henri. Juvisy, France. 1938. Photograph. The Museum of Modern Art, New York City.


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